Here at AIS we often receive testimonials and letters from parents and friends of the adolescents we have transported, facilities an intervention or assisted. This page is devoted to sharing those testimonials and letters with you. If you have a testimonial to share please contact us at info@adolescentintervention.net


Susan and Robert September 2012

I would like to thank you for your help and services transporting our son Andrew to SUWS North Carolina on such short notice. Your staff, Dan and Taylor arrived at SUWS with Andrew safe and sound yesterday afternoon around 2:30p.m. This was an extremely difficult decision for my husband and I to make and your staff’s ability to take our son in the middle of the night with such respect, kindness and dignity made the process bearable. Dan consistently informed me of their location and Andrew’s demeanor until they arrived. He was also able to have a long conversation with Andrew and stressed the importance of what he has done and the consequences would just get more sever. He also expressed the significance of manning up to what he has done. He must have hit the matter home with Andrew as our son called us to apologize for his behavior earlier that morning, for the night before and the last three years. It was most comforting to know that Andrew felt safe and trusting enough for him to talk with Dan.


Janet September 2012

Peter is safe and sound at the Family Foundation school. We are very relieved. I don’t beleive we could have gotten Peter to the school on our own, so I am very glad we enlisted your help. Dan and Tyler did a great job. Dan’s communication with me was excellent. And most importantly, the guys did a great job getting Peter to view his new situation in a positive light. I was very happy that he was able to call me from the car before arriving at the school to give me a proper good bye, which was not possible earlier given his mindset when he left the house.


Rachel September 2012

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you so much for all your help.  I never knew before that services like your existed.  I will keep this information for future references and recommend your services to anyone that I know needs them.  Thank you also for taking time to listen and ease my worry.


George, your staff is awesome!  Dan and Taylor were very professional and showed nothing but courtesy.  If I needed your services again, I would certainly requested the two of them.


Again, thank you so much.


Michelle and Steve B January 6, 2010

We cannot thank you enough for the tremendous job you did in working with us and our son Devon in transporting him to Georgia.  From our first inquiry phone call to the gentle early hour intervention, and on to the final “he’s arrived safely” call from Dave, we knew he was safe and secure, physically and emotionally. From the moment your team arrived we knew that he was in skilled hands and that you would handle him with respect and care.


You are a tremendous team and we are fortunate to have found you.  It was an agonizing decision to have made but I would want any other parent making the decision to know that this part – which feels the most frightening  – was one of the easiest upon reflection, due to your professionalism. As a leap of faith, you ensured a safe landing for all.  Thank you for making it happen with such tender respect for our son and family.

Lisa Collins August 18, 2009

I wanted to let you know how well it all worked out with Claire and Dave taking my daughter Rachel to the Bromley Brook School today. They took control of the situation in a compassionate and understanding way and made Rachel (and us) feel as comfortable as possible. Claire called me during the trip and when they got there and really allayed my anxiety. My husband and I are very appreciative for all the support you and your staff provided us during this difficult time.

With kind regards,


Lori and Lew Raden February 1, 2009

“Thank you very much, George.  Dale called a little while ago to let us know that Joe arrived safely.   We appreciate all of your help.  Dale said that Joe was cooperative and talked with them the whole ride down”.

Thank you,

Lori and Lew Raden

Judy January 31, 2008

“Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.


I want to thank you for transporting our son last year.  At the time, we were a family in chaos.  Our son was depressed, using drugs, out of control and refusing the help we could give him here at home.  We were referred to you by our educational consultant because he knew we couldn’t get our son to a wilderness program on our own–he was too defiant. From the first time I talked to you, I could tell that you really cared about the families and kids you help.  Despite terrible weather, you got to our house on time and your team was calm and professional.   Now, a year later, my son often talks about how when he woke up and saw your guys in his room, he knew he was going to get the help he needed.  Their demeanor  was respectful but no-nonsense.  And their size and obvious strength helped too.  The way your team treated him on the long trip to Utah was the first step in his healing process.  He still has a way to go but we are now confident that he will be a functional and health adult.  You were an important step on that path.”


Thank you-


Daisy Garcia July 7 2008

Mi nombre es Daisy Garcia,madre de un joven afectado en conducta que he acudido a Adolecent Intervention Services para la asistencia y auxilio en el traslado de mi hijo hasta la Academia donde he tenido que internarlo para tratamiento terapeutico.


No puedo, por etica personal, dejar el momento sin hacer unas letras de agradecimiento y reconocimiento al trabajo de esta agencia en el trato personal para conmigo y para con mi hijo,asi como la asistencia solidaria,emocional y sentimental que como madre he recibido de ellos,en especial del Sr.George Pineda via telefonica y via email,y en lo personal a los Sres.Martin Sierra y Raymond Callow que vinieron a buscar y trasladar a mi hijo menor,mostrando todos un trabajo excelentemente profesional.


Quiero agradecer toda la informacion ofrecida desde el primer contacto hasta el momento de entregar a mi hijo en la academia q que fue destinado,en especial en este sentido mi gradecimiento al Sr/Martin por su seriedad en el trato y proceder en todo momento para mi hijo como para mi como madre sufrida y afectada por la situacion.


A todos en general muchas gracias y que su trabajo sea siempre esa carga inmensa de profesionalismo,amor,entrega y etica que en mi caso supieron mostrar.


Muchas Gracias.


Daisy Garcia.


Debra March 10, 2008 2:12 PM

“I am writing to thank you for providing a service that enabled me to get my daughter the help she so desperately needed.


I had never known before that an industry existed to transport adolescents in varying degrees of crisis.  When I began the process of educating myself I was initially shocked and frankly in tears throughout the discovery of what the process entailed.  Once I began to understand and accept the need for the early morning intervention, the element of relative surprise, and the parameters that needed to be handled, I started to tune into the kind of people I would feel most comfortable providing this delicate service.   I would like you to know that it was during our first conversation that my comfort level grew and I felt an almost instantaneous sense of rightness about your role in my daughter’s intervention.  As I sit here this afternoon after some of the most traumatic hours of my life as a parent, I can honestly say that my intuition was wholly accurate.   My feelings about your competence, compassion, and professionalism did not change.  The only difference now is that along with feeling profound relief that she has arrived at her new residence safely, I realize that I also feel enormous respect for the work that you do.  I wish to offer whatever assistance my experience and appreciation could provide to other families struggling with the pain of family crisis. ”

Kim February 23, 2008 7:44 PM

“I hope this is the correct location to contact you. I wanted to be sure you really understood how much I,  along with Matthew’s sisters’, appreciate all of your kindness. I couldn’t imagine handing Matthew over to strangers when I first investigated the option. I am really impressed how professional and caring you were with both myself and Matthew’s dad and most importantly with my Matthew. I felt at ease as you and Marty drove away. I was concerned because I know how challenging Matthew can be but relieved he showed his better side while he was with you.


Thank you for all your patience with me during our long drawn out ordeal in the courts. You were kind, compassionate, understanding and so calm when I had to call for changes in the contract and travel days. I don’t think things could have gone any better. I can’t say enough about you and the process you made so easy. I thank you and wish you all the best as you continue to help people whose lives are better for having had met you.

Sue and Rob January 17, 2008 2:54 PM

“It is still with tears in my eyes that I write this letter. I know you understand that because the support, caring, sensitivity and gentle manner in which you all treated our family was evidence of that.


George, your ability to describe your program with honesty, openness, and clarity let me know very early on in my search that we would most likely end up using your services. You were clearly an active listener, a caring human, and a devoted professional. No matter how many times Rob and I called you with what could have been construed as tedious and annoying questions, you never made us feel that way. Your warm, welcoming manner and supportive, encouraging words really helped us to make the most difficult decision of our lives. The parent references you gave us were so helpful in our process and Teresa and I still communicate with one another.


Marty, Ray and Joel: Joel, I don’t know if you accompanied Kevin the whole way, but I do know that the light in your heart shone through when we met you, and I thank you for that. You were all so very gentle, understanding and professional when you came to our house. Although Rob and I were frightened we were confident that our son would be in good hands. Ray, your smile and facial expression of empathy did not go unnoticed, and your calm confidence was soothing to us both. And Marty, how would we ever have gotten through without your calm, gentle voice giving us updates along the way, assuring us that our son was okay? Not sugar coating anything, but rather a gentle honesty that we could hear and accept. Once Kevin arrived safely, and you called us as you were leaving the school, your conversation with us indicated the talent and strength you men have to not only “manage” difficult kids, but to look inside, soothe, calm and draw them out. You got more information from Kevin than his therapist has gotten in months!


We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us, and what you do everyday for all the families in turmoil that are lucky enough to have found you.”

Randy and Robin August 3, 2007 6:20 PM

“I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your help in getting our son Joseph to SUWS of the Carolinas yesterday.


Dan and Harry picked Joseph up at 4:00 a.m. When we told Joseph where he was going, he was very upset and angry, to the point of putting his fist through his bedroom wall. Dan and Harry went into his room to talk to him – I was sure they were going to need to restrain him, but after less than 10 minutes Joe went willingly with them to their car. It was about a 4 hour trip. Dan called us when they arrived to let us know how it went, and then called back later in the day to see if we’d heard from SUWS and how Joe was doing. They obviously cared about him.


I would highly recommend you to anyone needing these services.”

Tim June 21, 2007 8:58 PM

“I just wanted to thank you, Dan and Marty for the excellent job that you did for us. It was a very difficult day and the 3 of you made the experience much easier to get through. The constant communication and the ability to hear Austin’s voice with the phone call before he arrived allowed me to be more comfortable. I hope Dan and Marty arrived home safely. All of you have a very difficult job, but surpassed my highest expectations. Please keep Austin in your prayers and again thank you for all that you have done.”

Peggy June 14, 2007 3:14 PM

“My husband and I were faced with sending our 16 year old son to a residential treatment program for the 2nd time in a little over two years.  Although we knew this was the right decision to make for our son and our family, the decision to have him transported was a terrifying experience.  I was sure that Chris would be frightened, would fight the escorts and would never forgive us for deceiving him.  I was wrong on all three counts.  Through our conversations, Dave and the rest of the staff assessed our situation prior to the escort and arrived ready to handle the situation.  We were given time to say goodbye in a loving manner, and Chris was given time to understand the situation before leaving.  The escorts stayed in close touch throughout the 14 hour transport, answering any questions or concerns we had.  The relief at knowing that our son is in a safe place helps take some of the sting out of our loss.  We are indebted to Dave and his wonderful staff for their care, concern and professionalism through this difficult time.”

Bob and Patti May 10, 2007 9:16 PM

“Thanks for taking such good care of the people we send your way.  Many of them are close friends, some of them are coworkers, and ALL of them are at wit’s end.  We keep hearing back that you have helped tremendously, so we’ll keep those referrals coming.  Our family is doing well.  Although our son is still “one day at a time,” he is in the army and doing much better.  We keep our fingers crossed!  Thanks again for helping so many of our friends through troubled times”


R&J – March 27, 2006 09:53 PM

“We used the escort services AIS, michael and george came to our home last thursday morning to bring our son to alldredge academy in WV. it was a sad and hard decision, but we knew we had to save our son. he was very tired and didn’t really react, he did not give them a hard time at all. we contemplated taking him ourselves, but i tried to take him to NJ to visit family, just the weekend before and when he realized where i was going, he opened the car door while i was going 75mph. so we thought it best to use the escort service.”   Read More >>


Lisa – August 10, 2006 6:42 PM

“I want to thank you again for assisting my family during one of the worse situations that we have yet experienced.” ..”I needed to get my sons some help and quick and your service helped me to do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart because you helped to make a really bad situation a little easier for my family.”


Joyce August 3, 2006 6:22 PM

“I want to thank you and the other 2 guys for being so understanding and professional in your pickup of Zack.”… “I want you to know that I am extremely grateful for your care and concern and professionalism in handling Zack. It really helped with all your calls and the follow-up with Joel.”