Adolescent Intervention Solutions is proud to offer Assessment, Coaching, Mentoring, and Training Program (ACMTP) to parents and their children. We understand the needs of many families and know that an ounce of prevention is worth between $20,000-$100,000.

The goal of Adolescent Intervention Solutions’ new program (ACMTP) is to empower parents to hold firm boundaries with their child and provide support to both the parents and the child. This includes 24-hour crisis intervention. It is important to help the parents discover, clarify, define, and design a plan to achieve family goals and overcome obstacles that create conflict between the parent and child. Our goal is to help parents create and maintain a sustainable home contract, while strengthening the relationship they have with their child. Ultimately, this will help improve parent-child communication and shift family dynamics. ACMTP will enable parents to identify their parenting strengths, reduce their stress level, and help achieve balance in their family and success in the lives of their children.

“As coaches,
we equip people
to be in touch
with their
best selves.”

– Clyde Lowstuter


Depending on the need of the family, Adolescent Intervention Solutions is able to provide a one day, three day, or seven day assessment for the client.

If parents are unsure what to do, and are beginning to think about sending their child to a Wilderness program or RTC, let Adolescent Intervention Solutions provide an in-depth family and child assessment.

We will engage the family in the home, observing how the family functions on a daily basis, communicates with each other, and the behavior that is creating chaos or negative interactions within the family.

Often times, parents feel they have run out of options or they have met with other consultants who tried to assess the family and the child, but does not have all the qualifications or resources.

At Adolescent Intervention Solutions, it is our goal is to provide the necessary support services so the family is not forced to make a decision that would require the removal of their child. We will provide the necessary assessment to help the family determine the next step.

The result of this assessment may be a referral to a program, though we will offer information that provides the adolescent with the ability to achieve success in the least restrictive environment. If the family has hired an educational consultant, we will review the results of the assessment so they can help the family make an educated and knowledgeable decision.

This assessment may be covered by insurance.


Our Coaching & Mentoring services offer a opportunity for analysis, reflection, and action that ultimately enables the client to achieve success in one or more areas of their life. Here are some published definitions we recommend: