Coaching and Mentoring


Adolescent Intervention is proud to offer Assessment,Coaching, Mentoring, and Training (ACMT) to parents and their children. We understand the needs of many families. We know that an ounce of prevention is worth about twenty to one hundred thousand dollars.

The goal of Adolescent Intervention Solutions new ACMTP is to empower parents to hold firm boundaries with their child, while doing so provide both the parents and the child support, including 24 hour crisis intervention. It is important to help the parents discover, clarify, define and design a plan to achieve family goals and overcome the obstacle that create power plays between the parent and the child. Certainly this cannot be done without helping parents create and maintain a sustainable home contract while strengthening the relationship they have with their child. Ultimately this will help improve parent-child communication and shift family dynamics. This will enable parents to identify their unique parenting strengths, reduce their stress level and help the parents, child and family achieve balance in their family and success in their lives.

The Assessment Process:

According to the need of the family AIS is able to provide a one day, three day, or seven day assessment for the client. If parents are unsure what to do, and are beginning to think about sending their child to a Wilderness program or RTC, let AIS provide an in depth family and individual assessment. We will engage the family in the home, observing how the family functions on a daily basis, communicates with each other, and the behavior that is creating chaos or negative interactions within the family. Many times parents feel there is no other option or that they have met once or twice with a consultant who has tried to do their best to assess the family and the child, but just does not have all the information. The goal is to provide the necessary supportive services so that the family is not forced to make a decision that would require the removal of their child. AIS will provide the necessary assessment to help the family determine the next step. The results of this assessment may be a referral to a program,, though we will offer information that will provide the adolescent with the ability to achieve success in the least restrictive environment. If the family has hired an educational consultant, we will review the results of the assessment with them so that they can help the family make an educational and knowledgeable decision. Best of all, this assessment may be covered by insurance.

What is Coaching and Mentoring?

The common thread uniting all types of coaching & mentoring is that these services offer a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enable the client to achieve success in one more areas of their life or work.

Here are some published definitions we particularly like…

The common thread uniting all types of coaching & mentoring is that these services offer a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enable the client to achieve success in one more areas of their life or work.

Here are some published definitions we particularly like…

Coaching is…
“a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. To be a successful a Coach requires a knowledge and understanding of process as well as the variety of styles, skills and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place”. Eric Parsloe, The Manager as Coach and Mentor (1999) page 8. Eric is a respected author and Director of the OCM

Mentoring is…
“off-line help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking”. Clutterbuck, D & Megginson, D, Mentoring Executives and Directors (1999) page 3 (available in the bookshop). David Clutterbuck & David Megginson are both founder members of The European Mentoring and Coaching Council and highly respected authors, academics and consultants in the mentoring arena.

As specialist, we understand the unique needs of every individual in the system from parent to child. AIS now offers coaching and mentoring to parents and their children. Before you make the decision to send your child to a program you want to be very sure that you are making the right decision. AIS offers a very extensive coaching and mentoring program.

Personal coaches may work face-to-face but email and telephone based relationships are also very common. These coaches and mentors operate in highly supportive roles to those who wish to make some form of significant change happen within their lives. This includes going to school, speaking with school counselors, therapists, parents. Coaches offer their clients a supportive and motivating environment to explore what they want in life and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfil their needs. By assisting the client in committing to action and by being a sounding-board to their experiences, coaching allows the individual the personal space and support they need to grow and develop. The coach’s key role is often is assisting the client to maintain the motivation and commitment needed to achieve their goals. Personal coaching is taken entirely from the individual’s perspective.
A frequently asked question: Is coaching just therapy by another name?

Coaching is not ‘therapy’ by another name although the key theoretical underpinnings, models and techniques found their origins in the field of psychology and associated therapies like gestalt & cognitive behavioral therapy which have broad ranging applications in both organizational and personal contexts. AIS adolescent coaching seeks not only to resolve the deeper underlying issues that are the cause of serious problems like poor motivation, low self-esteem and poor job performance, but are also concerned with the practical issues of setting goals and achieving results within specific time-scales. It is possible for someone who has underlying issues to experience success within a coaching context even if the underlying issues are not resolved. If, however, a client becomes ‘stuck’ and the coaching or mentoring program is not achieving desired results, then a psychological or therapeutic intervention may be necessary for the client to move forward and achieve their goals. Our coaches and mentors stay ever alert to the possibility that a client may have or may develop issues or problems for which coaching or mentoring on it’s own is not sufficient. Client progress is always monitored and coaches and mentors watch for signs which may indicate that a client requires an assessment by a trained therapist. Most coaches & mentors are keen to maintain the professional boundaries between coaching & mentoring and the traditional therapies and will collaborate with therapists when a client requires this form of intervention.