About Us

Our Mission

At AIS it is our mission to treat your child with Respect, Dignity, Relationship, Resolve. Hope. Resolution, Motivation, and Love. That in the moment of critical exchange they were treated with respect, dignity, and love and that they arrive to their designated program safely and in a positive frame of mind.


Our Goal

In the process of this interaction the most important goal is that your son or daughter get to the facility safely. It is our goal that you are completely comfortable and absolutely satisfied with our work from the moment of our initial contact with you the parent, until we have fulfilled our obligation to you and your child. Our goal is to offer your child the most supportive environment possible, based on his/her mood and commitment to the intervention process. It is our goal to take this often threatening and tense situation, minimize the volatility that may exist when we first encounter your son or daughter, and afford them the opportunity to build a relationship based on firm boundaries, expectation of behavior, trust, and open and honest communication.


Our Philosophy

At AIS, it is our mission to offer the adolescent the opportunity with a fresh start that is based on Respect, Dignity, Relationship, and Resolve. Many treatment centers and parents believe that the first step in the treatment process begins with the initial engagement of the transport service. It is our job to initiate an environment of trust and mutual respect that offers your child hope that he can resolve whatever issues afforded him the opportunity for AIS to step into his or her life at that precise moment. Through this brief, though critical initial phase in your childs process of self descovery he will be afforded a lifeline of mutual trust and respect, based on his behavior and commitment to change.

Our goal is to identify with your son or daughter his motivation, inner-strength, and to enlighten him on his opportunities as they exist in the moment of “critical exchange.” Anger at this moment is accepted, and not the exception. We enjoy the experience of helpng your child become enlighten during this critical moment through our training in crisis intervention, positive verbal exchange, treating your child with dignity and respect, and with the belief that physical interaction is the absolute exception, unless the child puts himself at risk to harm himself or someone else.