Our story

Throughout our 20+ years of serving and listening to families across the nation, our mission has always been that we continue to advance and improve our services, while understanding how critical our role is in the mental health and wellness industry.

We take as much time as needed to speak with the families and understand their reason for contacting or being referred to us by many of the programs and counselors across the nation. These programs and/or counselor’s know our strong reputation in the industry for treating each child with dignity, respect, empathy, and care.

Our main focus is on care as we interact with the child, while reinforcing the parent’s difficult decision of placing their most precious possession in treatment. We convey to the child that their parents and/or guardians have entrusted us with their care. Our highest priority is the safety of the child during the intervention and transport process. Since we consider ourselves to be part of the child’s healing and recovery journey, our AAU (Adolescent Awareness and Understanding) trained team uses a therapeutic approach during our interactions so the child arrives at the facility feeling prepared for the program with minimal trauma.

Compassionate and Professional Adolescent Transport Services


We are an adolescent and intervention transport service dedicated to helping families and children who need our services. We work 24/7 with families, counselors, and treatment facilities across the nation. We are known in this industry for the the type of dignity, respect, patience, and kindness that we provide to the children during crucial and important moments in their lives. Our staff in carefully selected, screened, and trained in our therapeutic approach and process so families and children feel cared and prepared for their journey of healing and wellness.

Our Mission

At Adolescent Intervention Solutions, it is our mission to treat your child with respect, dignity, love, and kindness. It is our goal that in the moment of critical exchange they feel safe and they arrive to their designated program in a positive frame of mind.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer your child the most supportive environment possible, based on his/her individual condition. In the intervention and transport process, we take a often threatening and tense situation and minimize the volatility that may exist. We give them the opportunity to interact with us based on open and honest communication, firm boundaries, expectation of behavior, and trust. It is very important to us that the child arrives safely and securely conditioned for their journey of healing and wellness.


I wanted to let you know we just had your team leave a client here after a very successful transport. In my 16+ years of working in Intake my facility, I have only had 1 other experience with a transport team. You and your folks came HIGHLY recommended by numerous educational consultants when I asked for recommendations from those that I work with regularly.

Just wanted to let you know how great your team was, how well they connected with the young lady the transported and what a good experience it was for all involved.

Jill S.

Intake Coordinator, Ohio

I’d like to thank your agents for the unbelievable job they did. They took care of our daughter better than we could have ever imagined. The feeling of handing your daughter over to strangers dissipated very soon for us and the trust we felt was overwhelming. They contacted us and responded to us nwith every turn. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts. When in a position such as ours- you find yourself relying on total strangers to help make critical decisions. We couldn’t have done it without you and your first-class staff. Many thanks of gratitude- you made the first step in our daughter’s treatment a success.

Kenna and Chris D.

Parents, Missouri

I just wanted to let you know that we were extremely happy with your agents escorting my son to the facility. Your agents obviously had the skills and talents to make the transport not so upsetting for our son and for that, we are very thankful. In the end, our son seems to be doing well and we are happy with the treatment at the facility.


Child at Utah facility