Today, many adolescents and their families face difficult times and decisions. A great number of these young men and women struggle to get along with their parents due to the overwhelming  pressures and influences that our youth face. Some begin to turn to drugs, alcohol, skipping school, running away, and may become physically and verbally abusive toward their parents and siblings. The family environment becomes so chaotic that it can become a major task just getting through the day. Often the family faces scrutiny by other family members, school officials and behavioral professionals to make the difficult decision of sending the adolescent to a residential treatment facility of some kind. When that time comes, we offer a therapeutical based intervention solution to the family and child by safely transporting the adolescent to the residential treatment facility. This will provide for them a safe environment where they can reflect on their behavior, receive the professional treatment they need and once they return home, the child and the family can apply the effective coping mechanisms that they have acquired during treatment.

We offer multiple services including

  • Transport  and intervention services of adolescents to and from residential treatment facilities and wilderness programs around this country.
  • Coaching and Mentoring of our youth.
  • Counseling plans that will help our youth create goals and achieve what they aspire to do.