Arnulfo Molina : Associate

Arnulfo Molina


Arrnulfo Molina is 42 years old, born and raised on a ranch in Tucson, Az. I grew up in a very hard working class family and went to school in the city in the Southside of Tucson that also happened to be the ruffest and most violent part of town. I grew up having to go to school amoung the gang bangers and since my family values were very deeply rooted I had to protect my younger siblings. I learned to respect law enforcement at an early age because a lot of my family were in law enforcement. I joined the Sea Cadet program in 1984 and graduated with honors in 1986. I graduated high school in 1987 and in that time I co-lead my basketball team to a state championship. I dropped a college scholarship to join the Navy. I did a tour in the Persian Gulf Crises in 1988 and returned home to Tucson to pursue my Boxing career. I moved to Chicago in 1994 and began to pursue a cooking career. In 2005 a friend who was a Chicago Police Officer began to encourage me to pursue a law enforcement career. I took his advice and got my Security License in 2006 and began working as Tactical Security Officer in the projects of Chicago. We were given partial police powers as we patroled certain areas of Chicago working with Chicago Police and Joint Task Force Operators targeting gang and drug areas. I have been involved in over 70 arrests and have been promoted to Tactical Sgt. in charge of spearheading operations and training all personal in company policy and tactics. I am currently attending ESI which is a very prominent Executive Protection School.

Raymond Callow : Associate

Raymond Callow


Ray Callow graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Public and Community Health.  He is CPR and First Aid Certified.  He has been an outstanding agent with Adolescent Intervention Services for over a year and a half assisting in over 75 transports during this time.   Ray was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland has been an active participant in his community working with adolescents.  Ray understands the importance of team work as he played high school football; while sports continues to be a primary part of Ray’s off duty hobbies and activities.  He has umpired and coached little league baseball in Montgomery County.  Ray has a passion for working with adolescents and has gotten training in adult intervention and transport as well.  Ray is compassionate, caring, gentle and understanding in this transition process and has an outstanding reputation in the transport industry helping adolescents and their parents with this most difficult transition. Rays hobbies include playing football, running, motorcycles, movies, music and most of all spending time with his parents and siblings.  .

Wes Callow : Associate

Wes Callow


Check back soon for Wes' bio

Lee Dickerson : Associate

Lee Dickerson


Lee comes to us with experience working in the security industry for many years.  Lee has been a mentor for youth in his community and has served as a mentor in the Big Brothers program.  Lee played football and a year at Junior  college until a knee injury ended his playing career.  He own his own construction company and has provided services to Habitat for Humanity helping them build homes.  Lee loves to spend time with his nine month old son, work out, play basketball and is an avid freelance painter. 

Christina Dorsett : Associate

Christina Dorsett


I've been working with AIS for over two years now, I studied psychology for three years at university of Maryland. I'm a recent graduate from Anne Arundel community college. I'm 22 years old, I've found that with the age group that we work with my age and personal experience has allowed me to build bridges with young adults and has opened up opportunities for mentoring after completion of their programs.

Tera German : Associate

Tera German


Tera has over ten years experience working with special needs teenagers. She holds an undergraduate and clinical masters in social work and is currently a licensed as an LGSW. She enjoys her position as a clinical supervisor with Maryland Choices (providing care coordination services for at-risk, system involved children in Maryland).  

Tera is trained and certified in several forms of therapeutic holds and restraints as well as CPR. In her free time, she enjoys anything in the outdoors; especially rock climbing, hiking, camping and bike riding, or her new hobby, gardening.  She also enjoys spending time playing with her dog, Bella. She is an active member of many organizations such as AEE, NASW, and PHI ALPHA Honor Society. Tera is dedicated to helping children and families in need and has dedicated her career to pursuing this goal.

Mike German : Associate

Mike German


Mike is a native to Montgomery County, Maryland and has been working with children and at-risk adolescents for over 10 years in a variety of environments & locals including wilderness treatment, drug/alcohol rehab, inner-city youth camps, outdoor adventure camps, home interventions, youth skills development, and special education. He is certified in First Aid and CPR as well as de-escalation techniques such as Positive Control Systems (PCS) and Prevention Management of Aggressive Behavior (PMAB). 

Mike is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland. His hobbies include rock climbing, football, volleyball, wrestling, fishing, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.  He also is a dedicated father to his dog Bella

Leticia (Nikk) Guffey : Associate

Leticia (Nikk) Guffey


I have been working for Adolescent Intervention Services for two years. Nikki is currently a North Carolina police officer for the past eight years. She is a certified criminal justice instructor and is contracted adjunct instructor for the NC Department of Juvenile Justice. She is certified and trained in restraint and self defense. Nikki is an instructor for the American Red Cross for CPR and First Aid. She teaches at Blue Ridge Community College as well as Asheville Community College. Nikki started her career as a recreation worker with youth doing recreational activities. Nikki as worked in the Juvenile Justice System with all kinds of vicarious back rounds and criminal charges. She has supervised over 100 employees as a training coordinator for Juvenile Services. She has also worked as an agent for the North Carolina Department of Corrections transporting inmates to appoints. She is an avid and excellent basketball player and enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, riding four wheelers and most of all working with kids. Most of all she loves to spend time and be with her family.

Alicia Hammett : Associate

Alicia Hammett


AIS is happy to have Alicia. She comes to us with many years of experience working with children and youth in elementary, middle, and high school as a Nurse. Alicia worked with special education and was often a first responder to assess children and youth in crisis. She is trained in crisis intervention, restraint training and verbal de-escalation. Alicia was also employed by the Department of Health and Human Services in Montgomery County, Maryland to attend to the medical and mental health needs of children and youth with Montgomery County Public Schools. She comes to us as a devoted mother and (young) grandmother, and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family.

Dale McCorkle : Associate

Dale McCorkle


Check back soon for Dale's bio

George Pineda : Owner AIS

George Pineda

Owner AIS

George Pineda, owner and Chief Operating Officer of Adolescent Intervention Solutions has been working with adolescents for the last 20 years. George was Lead Agent for another very successful intervention and transport company prior to becoming owner of Adolescent Intervention Solutions.  He has extensive experience as a coach and mentor, using his knowledge of soccer to help disadvantaged and uncooperative adolescents thrive both on and off the field.  In addition, George hired youth to work construction with a company he co-owned with his brother before retiring to work fulltime with Adolescent Intervention Services.  George has personally transported over thousands of adolescents and continues to remain actively engaged in transporting adolescents, along with talking and directing parents, and staff training. 

Richard Pineda : Associate

Richard Pineda


Richard Pineda is a former air force security specialist and a father of three.

He is an adolescent mentor and in his spare time coaches girls softball.

David Radford : Associate

David Radford


David has been working with at-risk teens since 2004 as a Level 2 Therapeutic Foster parent. Working primarily with teen boys, most have been involved with the court system, and are court ordered into placement. He is also CPR and First Aid Certified, and is also certified in Crisis Prevention as well as therapeutic restraints and holds.

In his free time he enjoys his church and fishing. Spending as much time as possible with his two grandsons is most important.

Ernest Radford : Associate

Ernest Radford


Father of four, I have worked in the textile industry for 21 years in different fascids. I have many interests which include wood working, and building. I enjoy camping and being outdoors. I am AED and CPR certified. I find working with adolescent youth challenging and rewarding. I have been with AIS for just over a year, and look foward to the future. Spending time with family is a integral part of who I am. I am looking foward to getting married and having two step children added to our family.

Josh Radford : Associate

Josh Radford


Josh has mentored at risk teen boys for 4 years, and has maintained positive relationships with some of the boys as they’ve grown and entered adulthood. He has worked for AIS for 19 months. He has been trained on therapeutic restraints and crisis prevention holds. 

Josh is married and has two little boys that keep him busy. He enjoys spending time outside with his boys, hiking, hunting and swimming.

Brett Rothstein : Associate

Brett Rothstein


Brett is an experienced Emergency Medical Technician in the South Bronx. He is a former lieutenant of his local volunteer fire department. Brett's familiar with transports and programs through first hand experience when he was much younger. We are proud of Brett for his outstanding accomplishments and his story provides hope and inspiration for parents who are second guessing themselves regarding placing their child in a program and having him transported. As a result, Brett is emphatic about his passion for helping young people headed in the wrong direction redirect their lives. Brett received his EMT certification at the age of 19. Since he was able to turn his life around his passion is to help people, especially in helping at-risk youth. Brett is personable, easy to talk to, and understanding. His hobbies include the great outdoors, camping, motorcycles, cars, and fixing everything. We are ecstatic about Brett's accomplishments and having him as part of our team.

Allen Savage : Associate

Allen Savage


Allen has worked for AIS for three years.  He has done over 150 transports without incident.  He has been employed at RICA (Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents) for over ten years.  He is currently in the position of Unit Coordinator on the evaluation team which services both the private sector as well as Department of  Juvenile Justice and Social Services.   He has training in PMAB-Prevention Mangagement of Aggressive Behaviors, LSCI-Life Space Crisis Intervention and Critical Incident Trauma Training and is CPR and First Aid Certified.  Allen is currently in his third year at the University of Maryland, working on his degree in Social Sciences.  Allen  coaches high school basketball and enjoys playing basketball as well as tennis.  His passion is traveling. 

Martin Sierra : Associate

Martin Sierra


“Marty” has been working with AIS since the beginning.  Prior to working for AIS Marty worked for another very successful transport company. Marty has successfully transported over four hundred adolescents over the past seven years working in the transport industry.  Marty has worked with youth in the community for over twenty five years, working as a mentor and coach to struggling teens in his community.  Marty is bilingual in English and Spanish and is CPR and First Aid Certified.  Marty has received training in Crisis Intervention Management, Verbal De-escalation of Difficult Adolescent, and Positive Restraint Training.  Marty enjoys the outdoors, watching his Washington Redskins and spending time with family and friends.